Social Selling – Luan Wise

In this 17 minute podcast, I interview Luan Wise, a LinkedIn accredited expert on Social Selling as she prepares to deliver a Masterclass in June for the members of the Sales Performance Association

Talk Lean – Alan Palmer

In just under 15 minutes, you can hear Alan Palmer speak about himself and his topic for March 2019. You’ll learn about how the Masterclass can benefit you in your sales activities in all meetings with clients and others.

Negotiating and Salespeople – Simon Hazeldine

In just under 20 minutes, you can hear Simon Hazeldine speak about his topic in December’s SPA meeting, his background and thought leadership behind sales. Paul chats to Simon about his views on the future of selling as well and how sales people need to change.

The Future of Sales Learning – Andy Lancaster

In just 15 minutes, you can hear Andy Lancaster speak about his training philosophy and how this is changing in the world of sales learning. He’ll also give you some snippets from his talk on 25th September for the Sales Performance Association in London.

Bryan McCrae – How Cognitive Behavioural Coaching can help with Sales Performance

Join us for 30 minutes as I interview Bryan McCrae on his expertise in Cognitive Behavioural Psychology and how this technique can rapidly increase the performance of salespeople and sales teams. Bryan is our guest speaker at the event on December 11th in Coventry.

Donald Martin – Innovation in Sales

Join us for 25 minutes as I interview Donald Martin on how innovation strategies can help salespeople consider better solutions for their customer’s problems. Donald is our guest speaker at the event on March 7th in Coventry.